Logo of Rockville Lions Club
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— Charitable Activities

Ongoing Club activities include:

  • Used Eye glass collections at following locations:
                    Rockville Post Office                       500 N. Washington St.
                    Rockville Library                             99 Maryland Ave.
                    Love Your Eyes                                6 Grand Corner Ave. Washingtonian Center
                    Pike Station Post Office                   Rollins Ave.  West of Rockville Pike
                    Colonial Opticians                           1776 East Jefferson St.
                    Ring Bldg.                                       1801 East Jefferson St.
                    Hour Eyes                                        11802-B Rockville Pike
                    TLC Laser Eye Center                     11200 Rockville Pike   
                    Twinbrook Post Office                     2001 Viers Mill Rd.  Rockville
                    Twinbrook Library                           202 Meadow Hall Dr. Rockville
                    Davis Library                                   6400 Democracy Blvd. Bethesda
                    Colonial Opticians  (Bethesda)        4942 St. Elmo Ave. Bethesda
                    Colonial Opticians  (Potomac)        10130-A River Rd.
                    My Eye Dr.                                      14929 Shady Grove Rd 
                    Executive Office Bldg.                    101 Monroe St. Rockville
                    Lasik Plus                                       9850 Key West
  • Free vision, hearing & glaucoma screening
  • Purchase of eye glasses and eye care for those in need
  • Blood drives
  • Scholarship to Montgomery College students
  • Sponsorship of Cub Scouts and baseball teams in the Rockville City Youth League
  • Sponsorship of Leos Clubs
  • Contributions to the Lions Vision Research Foundation, supporting the Lions Vision Center at the Wilmer Eye Institute
  • Support of Lions Camp Merrick in Nanjemoy, Maryland
  • Many others